November 02, 2019

  • Bodybuilding: Bikini and Figure
  • August 2016 NPC Delmarva classic- overall figure
  • October 2016 NPC big cat classic - 1st in figure class C
  • October 2016 NPC Baltimore pro/am-1st in figure class C
  • June 2017 NPC universe - no placing figure F
  • October 2017 NPC  big cat classic - 7th bikini class C
  • April 2017  NPC Philadelphia Classic- Overall Bikini
  • June 2017 NPC universe- no placing bikini F
  • August 2017 NPC North Americans- 9th place bikini F


About Arielle Lopez
When I am not competing as a NPC competitor, I am a loan underwriter with a major bank, wife, stepmom, and proud nerd. Yes, you read that right, I’m in banking, not fitness! Who said you can’t be in shape and sit at a desk for 8+ hours?! 

I have been blessed with a loving child and husband for 10 years (3 years married on April Fool's Day)! One of my biggest struggles day to day is that my husband does not share my love of working out and eating healthy so temptation is always present! But that’s okay, we are individuals and as much as I love fitness, it’s a personal choice for others to decide if they want to participate! I am a firm believer in doing what makes you happy. If what makes you happy is eating a piece of cake for breakfast every morning, DO IT! Who am I to judge?!

Why did you start competing? 

I started competing in summer of 2016 as a NPC figure competitor and switched to bikini a year later. My first show was on a whim, it was a 7-week prep and my body just sucked up all the progress so fast. I got stage-ready really quickly because my body wasn’t used to the clean eating, but had all the muscle from years of lifting and sports. I honestly did it just to say I did, but once I did the prep and got on stage, I was hooked and I knew I couldn’t stop there. I have competed in a total of 8 shows over three seasons (4 figure and 4 bikini) and have won overall in each category.

What do you enjoy most about competing?

I love competing because it’s a challenging, yet rewarding sport. You push your body to limits and mentally grow while doing so. I love the consistency a prep brings to my life. It’s taxing on the body and mind but it's also something that
provides me with a sense of purpose and motivation when I’m lacking.  Growing up I always had a sport to go to, so as an adult, I always felt a little lost when I didn’t have a physically challenging goal until I found my way to the competition stage. I also spent a few years training and performing in the aerial arts. I still love it and get up on the aerial hoop and silks every once in awhile with my twin sister.  If you’re interested in following my fitness journey on and off the stage, you can follow me on Instagram @elleee_marieee

What are your fitness goals?

My fitness goals are to get as strong as I can while still maintaining a lean physique. I’d love to earn my IFBB bikini pro card as well.
How do you stay motivated?

I don’t always have the motivation to eat healthy and workout, but I treat every workout as a job. We don’t always want to go to work, but we know it’s a necessary part of life. I look at fitness the same way so that on those days where I don’t enjoy it, I still do it!

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