Occlusion BFR Training Bands (4 Pack)

Occlusion training is the process of restricting blood flow in the veins of a working muscle in order to improve gains in size and strength. During intense workouts, your body is forced to adapt and work harder, resulting in more effective workouts, longer-lasting muscle pump, and increased muscle hypertrophy. Wearing our occlusion Training Bands also helps stretch the fascia tissue for more range of motion and muscle fiber activation so you get the most from your training.
  • Includes 2 thigh bands and 2 arm bands designed to temporarily restrict blood flow and reduce oxygen supply to the muscles in order to improve muscle growth. By pre-fatiguing slow-twitch muscle fibers, their response to the workout load is reduced, allowing the fast twitch muscle fibers to respond and condition faster.
  • Studies show the use of Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) bands during weight training can boost muscle growth and enhance the potential for muscle gain by reducing Myostatin concentrations. Training with BFR tourniquets can also increase muscle protein synthesis, NOS-1 expression, and mTOR signaling, resulting in increased muscle growth.
  • Gives lean muscles amazing “pump” and definition by inducing hypertrophy, even if you’re not lifting heavy weight.
  • When wearing the Occlusion BFR Training Bands, lifting 10-30% of your 1 rep max typically achieves a similar result as lifting around 80% of your 1 rep max (over 50% increase in muscle response!)
  • Furnished with an extra strong elastic strap, a quick-release cam buckle, and an elastic loop to hold the slack in place making these BFR bands easy to strap up, effortless to release as soon as the exercise is completed, and exceptionally comfortable on the working limb.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: These bands are designed to offer superb restriction of blood flow and deliver the best results. We’re so confident that you’ll
  • love our product, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to our customers from our products as customer's satisfaction is our main priority.
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